Battle For Folly Full Report: Kayak and SUP Surfing Competition

by admin on April 25, 2013

The conditions of Folly Beach Surf on April 21st are what put the “Battle” in the Battle For Folly. 35 mph winds, 3-5 foot surf and four competitive teams battling it out for fun, prizes and awards.
- Wind direction indicators. These gulls were angled parallel with the beach all day, which is exactly the way you had to angle your boat or board if you wanted to maintain any kind of position in the lineup.

The way the competition works: Surf Teams made up of a Standup Paddleboard, a Short Boat and a Long Boat compete against other teams in a traditionally scored surf competition. In timed, 20-minute heats, each competitor will face like surf crafts (example: SUP against SUP) from each of the other teams in order to score points. First place in the heat wins four points, second wins three points and so on. At the end of the double-elimination preliminary rounds the top two teams are chosen for a head to head final.
The wind intensity allowed us to keep the tent up for about 30 minutes before we decided it may buckle in half at any moment.
ESKA’s R2D2 had some problems. The timer and horn system experienced some technical difficulties at the beginning of the day. Anthony and Joey doctored it up. Also, it should not go without mentioning that the local ESA group provided a fantastic service with experienced judges and judging supplies. Thank you to the ESA and to Josh Hall at Charleston Country Parks and Rec for introducing us.
SUP surfers took to the water in the first heat. Notice the gust of wind blowing boards away.
Philip Aschliman paddles for a drop in
Matt Faust was the very good sport who ran the flags and timer for us.
For his services and friendship to the community, Matt was awarded the Fabulous Guy Award. Joey Hall proudly presents with a firm handshake.
Team Snack Pack showing team spirit, getting their short boater, Andy Gates, back up wind to launch again. Andy earned the Sickest Trick award for the day by throwing up (as in barf) during his first competition heat. That’s what team spirit gets you.
Steve Riordon exhibits a powerful bottom turn with victory-at-sea conditions in the backdrop.
John from Charleston SUP Safaris paddles into a juicer
Daniel Richardson drops in
Way outside, Gordon Rock catches wave of the day for the SUP riders. All these SUP surfers should be commended for their incredible stamina on such an adverse set of conditions. Bravo guys!
Daniel and Yonton carry the short boat of team member Paul Scrutton up wind for another launch.
Spencer and Anthony assist SUP team member Gordon Rock in getting back into the water.
The most spirited teams show their enthusiasm by flying custom, team flags.
Other teams show their enthusiasm by flocking with the local gull population.
Anthony Bell cuts back in the short boat class
Spencer Cooke pierces the closing lip of a wave in the long boat class
Yonton Mehler performs a cutback in the long boat.
Competitors brandishing their winnings at the awards ceremony.

Thanks again to the sponsors listed below, and to Josh Hall at Charleston Country Parks and Rec for supporting this event. Also, a big thanks to Beth, Kristen, Virginia, and anyone else who lent a hand setting up and tearing down the contest.

Please keep an eye out here at INTERFERENCE for details on our Fall event at the Outer Banks, October 3-6, entitled Tournament of Champions. There will be another team event, Battle for Nags Head, a surf-what-you-brought event entitled Iron Wave, and a standard two day kayak surf event.

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